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Thanksgiving Flowers

Send Thanksgiving bouquets to show family and friends your gratitude. The most popular Thanksgiving flowers are orange roses, chrysanthemums, peruvian lilies, and sunflowers.

Thanksgiving Flowers

Set a welcoming table for fall festivities with our beautiful Thanksgiving flowers. Consider sending a bouquet as a gesture of your gratitude, or select one for a mantel or tabletop in your own home to help bring Thanksgiving charm to your celebrations. Whether you choose to send one to a friend or treat yourself to an autumn arrangement, ProFlowers delivers our fresh flowers quickly, so you never have to worry about not having your Thanksgiving flowers on time.  

What type of flowers do you send on Thanksgiving?

Proflowers has a stunning collection of orange rose bouquets and sunflower arrangements as well as other fall flowers that are perfect for a Thanksgiving gift — or even just because! While picking the right food can be tricky, as you’re never sure what a host or friend’s taste might be, a thanksgiving flower arrangement is always sure to please. If you’re heading to someone’s home for Thanksgiving, sending a bouquet to say thank you in advance is always a thoughtful gesture. Or, if you live far from loved ones but want them to know that you’re thinking of them, sending them a Thanksgiving flower delivery is sure to warm their heart and give them something to truly be thankful for.  

What color flowers do I use in a Thanksgiving bouquet?

The best Thanksgiving flowers reflect the hues of the season: deep crimson red, fiery orange, and joyful yellow. A bouquet that echoes the changing leaves outside will make a welcome gift for anyone you’d like to impress this Thanksgiving season.   If you live somewhere that the foliage turns beautiful colors in the fall, placing  your Thanksgiving arrangement of folksy orange carnations or eye-popping lily flowers near a window is a great way to connect your interior decor with the leaves outside. Placing your bouquet in a place where they will get plenty of sunlight will also ensure a longer life for your autumnal arrangement.  

Where can you buy flowers on Thanksgiving?

Proflowers’ Thanksgiving bouquets are available throughout the season. We also offer same-day delivery on a number of arrangements, so if you’ve waited until the last minute, don’t fret; Proflowers has you covered.   Because Proflowers selects only the freshest, most vibrant blooms for our bouquets, you can rest assured that if you do send your Thanksgiving floral arrangements out a couple days ahead of the holidays, they’ll still be bright and joyous as ever when it’s time to make them the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving feast.