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Same Day Thanksgiving Flowers

Dress up someone’s holiday with elegant same-day Thanksgiving flowers and gifts from ProFlowers. Our holiday flower store is filled with all kinds of fall colors that will add a festive touch to home or office.

Same Day Thanksgiving Flowers

Sometimes your Thanksgiving plans change last-minute: maybe you’ve been invited to a friend’s house to share in their meal, or maybe you realized last minute that you can’t make it home for Thanksgiving dinner. At ProFlowers, we understand that life can throw you a curveball. That’s why we offer flower delivery on Thanksgiving Day. That way, even if you forgot to think of Thanksgiving gift ideas ahead of time, or you need to tell your mom you’re sorry that you can’t make it, we can help save the day.

What types of flowers should you send on Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving is in November, so our favorite Thanksgiving arrangements include beautiful autumn flowers. These bouquets echo the rich orange, red, and yellow hues of the changing leaves outside. Warm orange roses, bright yellow sunflowers, and deep crimson carnations all evoke the spirit of the season. A mixed bouquet of autumn flowers offers a fun, down-to-earth, and festive addition to anyone’s mantle or counter.
Another excellent option is to send Thanksgiving floral centerpieces for the folks you love in your life. As they sit around the feast, enjoying their mashed potatoes and warm biscuits, they will think of you fondly every time they look up to appreciate the centerpiece.

Who should you deliver flowers to on Thanksgiving?

Sending flowers on Thanksgiving is a great way to tell loved ones and friends who live far away that you’re still thinking of them and appreciate having them in your life. After all, Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks. One of the most impactful ways to do that is to send a fresh floral bouquet to the people in your life that you are the most grateful for.
If you live across the country from Mom and Dad, or maybe you couldn’t make it to your sister’s big Thanksgiving football party, sending a bouquet of flowers can be an excellent way to say you’re still thinking of them.  At the end of the day, you can send flowers to anyone in your life who you’d like to show your admiration and gratitude for! Consider pairing your bouquet with gift baskets for Thanksgiving to go the extra mile.

Can you have flowers delivered the same day on Thanksgiving?

If you’re looking for florists open on Thanksgiving, you can often find yourself getting pretty frustrated. Most florists are closed for the holiday, as are many grocery stores.  It can even be difficult to deliver flowers on Thanksgiving with many courier services closed in observance of the family oriented holiday. Luckily, ProFlowers offers Thanksgiving flowers delivery same day, no hassle.

Fret no more about forgotten gifts and late thank-you’s — we’ve got you covered with our flowers delivered on Thanksgiving day.